Residents have been left disappointed after Sutton Council confirmed that the Charles Cryer theatre will not be re-opened.

Sutton Theatres Trust took over both The Cryer and The Secombe in 2015 before going into administration a year later.

Both venues have been closed ever since.

However, Sheree Vickers - artistic director of the Savvy Theatre Company - has been trying to get the theatre based on Carshalton High Street re-opened.

Sutton Council said that although the two bids they received “seemed viable and attractive”, neither offered the market rent they required.

Ms Vickers disputed this and claimed the council “could not” provide a figure of what they would expect from the commercial rent.

She told Sutton Guardian that Savvy is in an “exceptionally strong” position to raise more funds and investments.

According to Ms Vickers, all the company required from the council was support for year one costs while they got the building fit for purpose and ready for community hire.

On Monday, September 11, an emotional Ms Vickers released a video on her ‘Savvy Theatre Company’ Facebook page confirming the council’s decision to reject the proposal.

She said: “We have been working our socks off to re-open the Cryer for everyone. We didn’t get it. I’m sorry. I’ve just had the letter through.

“The stickler is the issue of commercial rent which we were not able to provide. We could cover costs and we had a very robust business plan but the issue came down to rent from what I understand.

“I’ve been over the moon with support so thank you and I’m sorry I couldn’t get the Cryer for you. If you want to keep the fight going then do, but I don’t think I’ve got it in me for Sutton anymore.”

Cllr Steve Penneck, commenting on the closure, said: “I realise this will be a disappointment to local theatre groups. I want to thank them for the time they spent putting together their bids and demonstrating the value that community theatre brings.

“Officers will shortly be asking for expressions of interest for alternative uses which could generate a market value for the Charles Cryer.”

He went on to say: “As the Cryer is within the Carshalton Village Conservation Area we will take care to ensure that the building continues to be managed sensitively.

“I continue to believe that this borough needs a community arts hub. But it is clear that such a vision can only become a reality with funding from elsewhere.”

Ms Vickers added that Savvy Theatre Company may now have to leave the borough in order to find work elsewhere.