Fed-up with being unemployed, one savvy girl has taken matters into her own hands.

Nikki Friend from Sutton has stripped down to her underwear for a magazine in order to help enhance her chances of getting a job.

Job-hunter Nikki appears in this week’s Zoo magazine feature “Gimme A Job!”.

The 21-year-old blonde has nine GCSEs and four A-levels as well as a degree from the “university of life”.

She said: “I’ve been a dancer, fitness instructor, actress and manager of an agency.

“My most recent position was as a sales rep.”

Her ideal job, she said, would be “a topless motivational speaker”.

Zoo editor Ben Todd added: “We’ve decided to showcase the impressive talents of jobless females to potential new employers.

“We’ve made it completely non-discriminative: by removing their clothes, we’ve removed the preconceptions.

“We’ve all got to do our bit to help beat the recession.”

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