A man was taken to hospital this morning after car crash at a junction in Carshalton.

The man, who was in his 70s, was driving his Vauxhall estate car along Mount Park when he collided with a Citreon travelling down Brambledown Road.

Although his car received only minor damage, the man was taken to St Helier hospital by ambulance.

A policeman at the scene said paramedics initially refused to move the man as he was thought be suffering from neck injuries.

The fire brigade were called, but paramedics were able to stabilise the man's position, put a neck brace on him and get him out of the car.

The Citreon was written off by the accident, but the woman driving the car appeared to be unharmed.

A resident of Mount Park said: “We have an accident here about once every 18 months.

“When people are driving down Brambledown Road it is almost impossible to see that there is a cross junction.”

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