Teenagers have gone tube stopping mad and attempted to visit every station on the underground in 24 hours.

Alex Williamson, 17, from Sutton and Sam Coop, 18, from Croydon got back home during the earlier hours of Thursday morning (February 16) filthy and tired.

The pair had been out for 22 hours and spent 19 hours and 25minutes travelling along the London Underground as part of the Tube Challenge.

The idea behind the challenge is that participants try to pass through all the stations in the quickest time possible.

After beginning at Upminster in Essex at 5.09am on Wednesday, the boys managed to jump in and out and get their pictures taken in front of 259 stations before they finished at Heathrow Terminal Four at 12.45am on Thursday morning.

The challenge was all part of raising money for Project India, a trip with their school, Overton Grange to Southern India in the summer.

Those taking part will be able to participate in building projects and will have the opportunity to teach in a local blind and deaf school or assist the local hospital.

Alex was desperately trying to think of ways to do a challenge and get people fundraising when he stumbled across the Tube Challenge and got his friend Sam to do it with him.

They worked out before hand what was the most efficient route to take and spent weeks preparing maps for their challenge.

However during the challenge, Alex fell over in Loughton and the pair lost the maps they had made.

He said the next day: "I’m surviving; it’s a bit of a trek I must admit.

He said they were filthy at the end of the challenge and had dirt up their fingernails but they never had to wait more than five to ten minutes for a tube.

They used their student Oyster Cards which charged them about £21.50 and Alex estimates he has raised about £400.

For more information about Project India visit overtongrange.sutton.sch.uk/Project%20India.