One of Sutton town centre's biggest eyesores looks set to be transformed.

South Point, on Sutton Court Road, will become a mix of affordable housing, office space, retail, residential apartments and even a hotel if the new developers get their plans approved.

New owners CNM Estates, bought the land at the end of last year and has been consulting residents as to what they would like the site to consist of.

At the Holiday Inn, a public exhibition was held to allow people to air their views on the proposals.

Wahid Samedy, director of CNM estates said he was excited about the project.

He said: "We are very excited to be involved in Sutton. With its amenities and transport links it is a jewel of the area. We have been inspired by the enthusiasm of the businesses and people in the area."

At the moment, the developers are at what it calls the "concept" stage, where by no plans are concrete, but it hopes to bring "style" to Sutton.

Mr Samedy said: "Our mantra is developing style, and we want to do that in Sutton."

The company, which has buildings in Surbiton, Kingston, and Western Super Mare, plans to submit planning applications by the end of the year and if approved, begin building at the start of next year.

Currently on the site is the South building which was built in 1964.

Planning permission was given in 2007 for a redevelopment, but the economic crisis hit and the project had to be halted.

CNM Estates say it has not yet established exactly what the new buildings will look like, but up to 300 homes and shops could be built.