Forecasters are warning of possible snow flurries in London and Surrey this evening.

The Met Office is predicting sunny spells throughout the day, with temperatures reaching around 4C, but warn of a "bitterly cold" afternoon that could see snow hit again.

And he said temperatures tonight could fall as low as -8C.

"Isolated wintry showers around at first, mainly to the north of London, will die away this morning leaving generally large amounts of cloud," the forecaster said.

"However this afternoon bitterly cold but drier and so sunny conditions will reach Kent and perhaps Sussex."

But he warned tonight would see a return to freezing conditions.

"Very cold and clear conditions already across the east will spread to remaining areas," he warned.

"Widespread frost, locally severe. Later patchy cloud and very light snow flurries may arrive."

Tomorrow is set to be "dry, with patchy cloud bringing perhaps a few very light snow flurries, but also sunny spells" the forecast warned, with a maximum temperature of 2C.

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