Two more sheds burned down in suspected arson attack this morning.

Firefighters from Wimbledon fire station were called to Griffiths Road, just before 3.50am.

While in attendance at the address, one crew member noticed smoke rising nearby and discovered a second shed alight on Pelham Road.

Both sheds were destroyed in the blaze, but no-one was injured.

Watch Manager Cath Homan warned residents to ensure their premises are secure.

She said: "Be vigilante and ensure your property is secure and locked up, so if anyone does try to force entry it is awkward to do and easy to spot.

"Make sure your sheds and garages are locked up and if there is an incident make sure you tell the fire brigade whether there is any power going to your sheds and what type of things are in there.

"If you have a smoke alarm make sure it is working, because if you have your windows open it will pick up smoke from outside."

Police are investigating whether the incident is linked to the burning down of three sheds the night before, which were all set alight within the space of an hour.