University of Notre Dame golf coach Jim Kubinski has revealed Liam Cox’s leadership qualities played a part his decision to offer him a scholarship at the US university.

Hampton School student and Surrey U18s captain Cox, who will lead his county at the inaugural Olazabal Trophy in Spain next month, will soon be clocking up the airmiles having agreed to move across the Alantic next year.

The 17-year-old, who has long held an ambition to study and play golf in North America, is already an England international and Kubinski expects him to play an important role for his team.

“Liam’s results are easy to see. Perhaps more impressive, though, are the traits he possesses, things which will allow him to be successful at the next level,” he said.

“His maturity, polish and discipline come through in spending any time with him.

“Liam has a great golf swing and has played on a number of top junior teams in the UK.

“He has not only played on those teams but has often been in a captain’s or leadership role. .”

Cox added: “Notre Dame has  the opportunities for me to become the best student-athlete I can be.”