Dougie Freedman says the attitude of everyone associated with Crystal Palace needs to change if they are to become a force within English football.

The Scottish boss says fans, players and back-room staff need to start thinking more ambitiously and forget the troubled times of the past if the club is to move on.

Freedman is loving his time in the managerial hot seat but he admits to being frustrated that many in Selhurst Park are stuck in a mindset that the Eagles do not belong at the highest level of football.

His players had a tough assignment in the Championship at Wolves last night but win, lose or draw, nothing can erase a record in September of four wins and one draw - including Saturday's excellent three points at Bolton Wanderers.

Freedman has turned around the results on the pitch after a dire start to the season, now his challenge is to turn around the attitudes of anyone calling them self an Eagle.

He said: "I have always enjoyed managing Crystal Palace but it is frustrating that the mindset within the club has not changed to how I want it to be, and this relates to every single person associated with Crystal Palace Football Club.

"There seems to be a mindset that we don’t belong, that we're the poorer relation, and it exists in every corner of the ground right now. My challenge is to turn that around by saying let’s look at what we can do, come on, let's be more ambitious.

"I believe we are the envy of many clubs in the Championship, we are producing young players and turning out great performances. I don't know if people are feeling sorry for us, but every game we face is apparently a 'tough' game, when maybe that is not the case.

"I need to make sure that when we play teams like Bolton or Cardiff people respect what we are and sometimes look on us as favourites."

He added: "It all stems from the last five or six years in terms of the club's administration, our selling players and maybe not buying the big names to replace them - everyone thinks we're not ambitious. All the time we have 'This season will be a battle against relegation and you’ve no chance of beating Man U and no chance of beating Chelsea'.

"It is a continuous mindset that has spread around the place. It is a challenge to turn it around, but if we can and do start thinking more ambitiously, it would set us up well for this season and seasons to come."

Palace host Burnley this weekend before the international break the weekend after.