I am writing regarding the article 'Front-line cuts are coming, warns Sutton Council leader'.

Councillor Ruth Dombey indicates the Liberal Democrat Council knew "in 2011" that savings in the council budget were needed, presumably because the LibDems are part of the Government and privy to such information.

What a pity the Lib Dems failed to inform the electorate of this salient point in the lead up to the election, before votes were cast.

UKIP in Sutton did inform the public that the Lib Dems had delayed painful decisions for a new council and we are about to see what that means in practice.

Additionally, apart from cuts, they have to build new schools and other classes for the huge increase in schooling provisions.

Perhaps Coun Dombey and her colleagues might want to reduce their own salaries in light of the 500 redundancies she says the council has implemented?

Your article also says Coun Dombey wants to have a "different conversation with people" and "what services are at risk... depends on what people say."

This will be through Sutton's Future, a website for this purpose. Let me decipher that for your readers, this is management speak for, "We already know what we want to do to cut ᆪ40m from the budget, but let us ask the electorate to make choices and if it coincides with our assessment we say the public wanted it. If it does not coincide we say that we implemented X per cent of the public choice and merely a smaller X per cent they did not want to make up the difference." 

This sleight of hand for making difficult management decisions is widespread and is patently see through. It is as if a Lib Dem cannot make a decision.

Perhaps the Lib Dem council should not have wasted money in the lead-up to the local elections, eg, dumping tonnes of waste in the high street as a publicity stunt and then cynically parade before the said dump to take credit for it.

Bill Main-Ian; UKIP prospective candidate for Carshalton and Wallington

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