Regarding Steve O’Connell’s sleepover in Wallington (United action for homeless issues August 20) I question why our local politicians seek publicity especially on a stunt like this.

Was Mr O’Connell sleeping alone on this PR exercise, I expect not.

Does he really know or understand what it is like to be homeless for just one night in Wallington?

Not exactly the homeless capital of London.

After his night in Wallington I expect he went back to his palace in Kenley (well, he does earn more than £100,000 per year from his two jobs) and had a good curry, which, I understand he is very fond off.

Do not try to fool the electorate with these stunts and get real. I understand that we have a problem with the issues of the homeless and this is best dealt with by the tremendous efforts of homeless charities, but do your real job and improve Croydon, which needs urgent attention.

                          ALAN CORLINE

                             by email