MAPS (Mentoring Advocacy and Peer Support), a project run from Volunteer Centre Sutton, has today won the Queens Award for Voluntary Service.

This is the highest honour a voluntary organisation can win, and it recognises the contribution MAPS has made to young people and volunteering in the community over the past 20 years.

Chris Parker, CEO of Volunteer Centre Sutton said: ‘It’s a massive honour for MAPS and Volunteer Centre Sutton, to be chosen for The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. It is simply the highest accolade we can achieve and my heartfelt thanks must go to MAPS’ Volunteer Mentors who started this project 18 years ago.

Never underestimate the amazing difference a handful of volunteers and the dedicated MAPS team can make to the lives of others! This award is dedicated to those who are willing to give their time and energy to being positive role models for young people in our community.

Helen Gasparelli, MAPS Manager, will be attending a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace tomorrow, and will be sharing the award with the MAPS team, volunteers and friends of VCS at their own Garden Party on Tuesday 10th June.

Based on information supplied by petrica harmsworth.